Synthesis Resources for the Practical Chemist
External Resources for the Practical Chemist


Organic Syntheses - Publications of important reactions, with preparatory notes

Prepchem - Notes on specific organic and inorganic preparations

LambdaSyn - German collection of syntheses

Preparation Data/Resources

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, MS/CNMR/HNMR/IR/Raman/ESR, SDBS

NIST Chemistry WebBook - A broad, easily queryable database for finding industry compounds by name and physical properties (includes IR/GC/UV-VIS/MS and thermochem data)

Organic Compounds Database - by Harold M. Bell, 2483 compounds (Physical properties and UV/MS data)

Millipore Sigma - (Sigma Aldrich) chemical seller with compound data availible


Sciencemadness - A wiki, forum, and library for independent chemistry, with notes on various reactions and preparations

ChemicalForums - General chemistry forum with practical reaction notes

LambdaForum - German chemistry forum, with an emphasis on synthesis


Solubility Table - Wikipedia table of the water solubilities of common chemicals at various temperatures

List of Commonly Availible Chemicals - A list of chemicals sold in relatively pure form as consumer products

Reaction Listings - Organic reactions, reagents, and news, and a program for molecular property estimation

Chem-Station - Organic reactions listing, along with news and articles of interest


OSU Synthetic Organic Flashcards

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